138.August 16

Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:40:32 -0600

I'm still doing a multitude of different things, today, repacking stuff into big tubs that I will not use in my trailer and storing it all away in a barn. I have done some work on the trailer too. And then I have to change oil filters etc. and make sure my autos are in good working order. I need to work on the clutch in my truck. That is a big problem, and happened on my last trip with my truck, hauling a trailer with all my furniture. I just keep on filling it up with more fluid, but I think I've now found the leak.

But not a bad day altogether. It gives me a chance to hang out with my mother, whom I really enjoy visiting. She's been helping me to burn a lot of old clothes that the other siblings have stored in the barn over the years and were in terrible shape because they just stuck them in cardboard boxes. I guess I've learned from them.


London, UK

I’m sitting at Malcolm’s table on my last day in London. My plans are to visit the area around Victoria Station, so that I can leave my luggage there and wander about the museums in the vicinity. I must, of course, go to the Tate Museum.

I took all my luggage, which was one bag, to the Victoria Train station via the tube after Malcolm dropped me off at Acton Town tube station in his convertible. It cost 5pound 50pence to leave bags there for up to 24 hours. I walked towards Victoria, first towards the Tate Gallery, stopping on the way for an early lunch of a steak and ale pie with peas and a monstrous mound of potatoes. Ah, yes, a pint of Old Speckled Hen, of course. I saw some of my favourite Pre-Raphaelites at the Tate. I walked to Parliament, the St. James Park area, through Westminster, near the cathedral and the Abbey area, where there are schools for religious people. Then through the green park after Buckingham Palace gate. I took a left past the palace grounds to head back towards Victoria, getting back a bit early, so I went to the Duke of York pub for another pint, a Green King bitter, and then back to gather my bags and head off to Gatwick.

I checked my bag, got to the waiting area, and after reading a bit of Golden Compass to settle my travels, I called mother to tell her my plans. I also set up to meet a friend at 17:00 in a pavilion outside her hotel in Fagerness the next night. Failing that 18:00 at the same location. Good plan.

The flight finally came, was easy and I enjoyed the cold meats, cheese, coffee and flan.

I arrived at Bergen, found my luggage, and got my rental car, a Hundai Getz in lovely Prius blue, with the same gauges and knobs. Stick shift, though.

Bergen was a bit of a headache to find a hotel. I headed to downtown, which is now, as always, I assume, quite busy. But also the students had just come back this weekend for skjole start! And the area I found a hotel was right there and crawling with students on their ways to night clubs. I parked illegally for a bit, tried three hotels, and settled on one for 550 NOK. She gave me a discount because it was so late. I went out to my car and got my luggage and re-parked it on a 45 degree hillside, legally, I think, where no one in their right mind would park, and got squared away at the hotel. Then I decided to wander a bit.

I walked down to the docks at quayside, and though it was Sunday night, the bars were open and lively, and I had a pint of Hansa to enjoy while I listened to the music from outside. I stared out to the sea while I listened to an 80’s rock guitar player made folk music out of 80’s rock ballads. Then I sat to look out at the water on the beach and walked back to the Ambassador Hotel.


Last night was Robyn's birthday, and I got a call from Sarah to come join them at Norski's saloon. I was installing third row seating into the Mercedes Benz, but came anyway, and stayed with them all night. We also went to the Corner, after the music became to oppressive at the first bar.


Starbuck, MN

Rachel performed a concert tonight in the Fron church, accompanied by her godfather. She rehearsed a lot during the day, and I walked downtown to read, was met by Lee, and spent time at a coffee shop with him before walking back to the parsonage. I slept for 4 hours, I believe, and soon we were off to the concert. I met two of my 3rd cousins once removed there, as they had seen that a Storlie was performing at the church. After talking to them, and going back to the house for ice cream and wine with our hosts, I researched and added them to our family tree.