Didn't Mean to Wake You

You tell me not

to open my lips

when you're sleeping

and never take you

into my arms

if you're dreaming

You tell me not to touch you

when your fantasy land has come

and you escape your demon

but how did I lose the one

who always used to keep me

from sleeping.

You tell me not to play

my guitar when you're dreaming

of course I shouldn't

kiss you

an obstruction

to your breathing

You tell me that you'll leave

if I don't give

you time to relax

But when did I lose the one

who always kept me from

not sleeping.

When I tell you

"I have written a song

just this evening"

But you whispered

"tomorrow my love,

I'm dreaming"

I said to you

"Tomorrow is gone

if it offers us nothing

but dreaming."

I want you to

share those things

that make you wish

you always were sleeping.