118.September 5

London, UK

I boarded the night plane in Minneapolis for London, Gatwick, where I would spend the next year of my life in school at Nottingham, UK.


Boston, Mass

6 Arlington Street,


I met Angela from Caledonia. First at Coply Square, in Jessica McKlintock's bridal boutique. We went to the Cafe de Paris on Arlington Street, just off the station toward lower street #'s. We talked college talk. Clases and coffee, her cigarette and I listened. Then the Belle Vita. We stopped to see her favorite sculpture, an angel, in the garden commons. I'm to listen to an angel song by Ministry. I'm also, I found out later, to read a Hemmingway novel written about his life in Paris in the 20's. I will.

Tea at Bella Vita brought us around to more serious poetic discussions, and when we got to her room, I was shown all the paintings she'd done first year at Emerson in a "scenic painting course." I read 2 short stories and a deeply disturbing poem about confessions of all her sins. Then after I read and criticized all, it was time to go, the train was soon to end service, so she walked me to the station and I departed. I read more Allende and realized I should give her that book.

Patrick Andrew Collins


Born in Ireland

and always her

lover. American

by early training

and varied employ.

Upholsterer from

15 to 23. Harvard

Bachelor of Laws

at 27. 1902-05

Mayor of Boston

A talented

honest generous

serviceable man.

(with scullions, found on Commonwealth, near the beautiful Italian/Spanish style (now Baptist) church.


I spent the whole day at home, much of it in the garage working on the 57 Chevy truck. I put new felt and window liners on the drivers side, since I'd finished the passenger side yesterday. It was easier to do the second time. I also tested the horn and saw that it works fine, it's just the button that isn't hooked up right. I fixed the front left turn signal as well. Then I came inside, and spent the rest of the night cleaning and watching Firefly after Rachel and Jill went into Iowa for a birthday party. I made pizza and had a good night alone.


I had a lovely haircut with Amber today, and once again feel a lot better about myself. Tonight, Rachel will be in Wabasha, so I think I'll have a drink in Downtown Decorah before I go home.