056.November 6

Stratford on Avon, England

We went to Stratford on Avon to the Royal Shakespeare theatre for The Tempest at 13:30 and the Swan Theatre for Murder In the Cathedral at 19:30. We stayed in a hostel, and it turned out that some people from the English Society from University of Nottingham were also staying there and had been to the same productions that day. I struck up a conversation with one, Jody Law, and we both found a strong love for Shakespeare. We decided to spend the evening into the night reading scenes from Shakespeare in the library of the hostel. It was a fabulous night, and definitely one of the most exciting evenings I'd spent in my life, meeting and falling for this enchanting and beautiful woman who could sound so captivating reading the greatest words ever written. We made plans to meet soon at the University.


I ripped out the kitchen cupboards today, and also the tile in the old entry room, which is now the pantry. I discovered a door frame,probably the original entrance to the house, behind the cupboards. I will knock this out and replace the door here with the door in the living room, and then cover up the living room door, giving us more wall space there, and making the new pantry much more accessible from the kitchen. We have changed our plans many times on this house reconstruction, but it keeps on getting better each time. I went to Steve's house later for "Walking Dead" and came back to finish taking the upper kitchen cupboards apart.