310.February 25

Post date: Feb 25, 2010 12:17:59 PM

Nottingham, UK

Brew London Bitter with Kris and Lisa. The keg we found on the top shelf of a closet, but this mix we had to pick up ourselves. I think this one was finished off during the cast party for Lysistrata, which comes about 1 month from now.


Dale, Wales

I woke on the couch in the castle at 07:00 or before, and put on my clothes. I was given directions by the dive instructor, and headed right out without a stitch of breakfast or tea. On my walk I passed through Airfields, cowfields, hills, valleys, along cliffs, a beautiful german woman walking alone, beaches, castles, and always the wonderful sea raging. I could have made it a lot further if I hadn't kept to the sea coast, but it was beautiful. The birds were amazing, the wind was extreme off the Atlantic. I don't regret anything except starving nearly to insanity. I stopped at a pub and poured down the bitter and had cabbage and beef, if memory serves me right. I continued to walk until just a few hours ago, when I caught the 15:43 bus for the east. I caught a bus at 14:45 first, and that's it. When the buses reached their destinations, I took a train, and then I was all the way to London.

I'm with Kate in her apartment on Earldsley Crescent, just a block from the Warwick road entrance of the Earls Court Station. I loved her hopping flat with skylights. #19. Well, we ate Ritz crackers with hummus and drank red wine when I arrived. We talked and looked at some photos I'd brought, then I slept downstairs in the guest room at the stair head.


I received "Sable Quean" by Brian Jacques in the mail today. Lunch was spent at La Rana with Quiche and Carrot Cake as I started the novel. I love it so far. Rachel and I watched "Lost" on HULU, and a few episodes of Caprica. I feel caught up on all the things we've been missing now.