310.February 25

Nottingham, UK

Brew London Bitter with Kris and Lisa. The keg we found on the top shelf of a closet, but this mix we had to pick up ourselves. I think this one was finished off during the cast party for Lysistrata, which comes about 1 month from now.


Dale, Wales

I woke on the couch in the castle at 07:00 or before, and put on my clothes. I was given directions by the dive instructor, and headed right out without a stitch of breakfast or tea. On my walk I passed through Airfields, cowfields, hills, valleys, along cliffs, a beautiful german woman walking alone, beaches, castles, and always the wonderful sea raging. I could have made it a lot further if I hadn't kept to the sea coast, but it was beautiful. The birds were amazing, the wind was extreme off the Atlantic. I don't regret anything except starving nearly to insanity. I stopped at a pub and poured down the bitter and had cabbage and beef, if memory serves me right. I continued to walk until just a few hours ago, when I caught the 15:43 bus for the east. I caught a bus at 14:45 first, and that's it. When the buses reached their destinations, I took a train, and then I was all the way to London.

I'm with Kate in her apartment on Earldsley Crescent, just a block from the Warwick road entrance of the Earls Court Station. I loved her hopping flat with skylights. #19. Well, we ate Ritz crackers with hummus and drank red wine when I arrived. We talked and looked at some photos I'd brought, then I slept downstairs in the guest room at the stair head.


I received "Sable Quean" by Brian Jacques in the mail today. Lunch was spent at La Rana with Quiche and Carrot Cake as I started the novel. I love it so far. Rachel and I watched "Lost" on HULU, and a few episodes of Caprica. I feel caught up on all the things we've been missing now.


My eye infection was only a bit improved, and my desire to sleep thoroughly over this vacation day was great. Instead, after a lovely and healthy breakfast with Rachel, including a slice of my new Rye recipe that excels anything I've made this far, I embarked on taxes for 2020. I had hopes of finishing today, and I did make great progress. We watched an episode of "The Morning Show" over lunch. The chickens were enjoying the bright sun and warmer air. Things froze again today, but the sidewalks are much drier in Spring Grove. I held my last rehearsal of the first week of "Comedy of Errors" in Havana, my light adaptation of the Shakespeare. I've seen nearly all of the cast now over Zoom, and I think it will be a challenge getting it all together with very few live rehearsals until the last few weeks when we can get together outside.