185.June 30

Nottingham, UK

I went down town today, and wandered. First, I went to the rail station to get a refund and then to the Brewer's Yard museum, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, The Lace Building (old timber frame), the Salutation (for a pint of Wobbly Bob, chicken and mushroom pie, and mushy peas. I met Maria Ros on my way to the Bell. We went for cappuccinos instead. She bought mine. We talked of travel and study. She is going to Oxford for the summer to be a coordinator of a group of Spanish students. Then she'll be back in Spain. She said that if I came to Spain she would show me around. I went to the University with her to say good-byes to other people. I found no one else, so I went home, and was picked up at 17:00 by my host mom and Sylvia. We talked in the house, and then Sylvia said good-bye when I got on the train. I dropped my bag off at Victoria Station, and stayed two nights at Earl's Court Youth Hostel.


Because I spent the entire day yesterday standing around drawing, or building set, my body ached like billy-o all day. We were called for pictures at the barn, and then we worked the Shakespeare scenes. Things get better and better, but there is so much to be done, and I so wish the whole of the set was finished so they could react to it and within it without making stuff up. I made Rachel go home with me for some sleep.