079.October 14

Decorah, IA

With the Airstream safely lodged in the Pulpit Rock campground, I stayed at work with a sandwich for lunch instead of going out there to eat my store of fruits and rolls. Jill had the key, and was possibly going to stay in the camper last night, but I guess fear got the best of her and she stayed at our brother's house in Freeport, watching Avatar for the first time. After work, I joined Jill at Rubiayat for a few drinks, and then accompanied her to Phelps Park to meet her college friends, including Kathy and Jim, for a bottle of wine out of some plastic cups. I then went to Men's Club at Amalia and David's back barn, where Faust was mixing drinks and they had a keg of incredibly hoppy beer that everyone who was drinking said was empty. I stayed until well past midnight, meeting some new friends and seeing so many great people, Mara and Rockne, Cathy, Liz, etc. Sam arrived sometime after 22:00. We left my car and drove back to the Airstream, going immediately to sleep.


After work, I mowed the lawn and went to rehearsal. Rachel was watching television and recovering on the couch when I got home.


Bensheim, Germany