254.April 22

Nottingham, UK

I picked up my pictures and got to sit down for a Bass ale and examined them. This afternoon I went to "Shadowlands" in the Savoy theatre. I took a bus back by myself while the others walked.


Rachel and I weighed in tonight for the last time at the Fitness center. We were both down over 12 pounds, I won't say who won. Then we went on a date, first to the tennis courts to play 3 sets.  We took the 57 chevy truck, and then headed over to Good Times restaurant via the BACK 40, which was closed, and had a wonderful date, a BBQ Pizza and Shock-Top Beer while we planned out the set of the summer musical, "Kiss Me Kate." We settled on some ideas that should work great, though a bit expensive as far as materials are concerned. I think I've already built part of it at the barn another year, and it is being stored, so we have a good start. We went home and I played Operation Flashpoint 2 with John while Rachel mad a poster for her recital on Saturday.


My niece Francelia Kathleen had her baptism this morning, and Rachel sang with herself on piano at the very start of it. I had a rehearsal for the melodrama in Caledonia at the auditorium, and so I rode the BMW over to do that while the rest of the family had a party for the little girl. I hooked up electrics on the island into the night.


Everglades, Florida

We woke early and went to the Embassy Suite to get in an adventure van to go to the Everglades. We first got instructed on all the birds on the way, then we got to an airboat trip in Lake Trafford, where they have 3000 alligators. We only saw 99 of them as we circumnavigated the weeds of the banks. There were so many just floating on the surface of the center of the lake as well, we probably saw over 30 there as we sped from crevace to crevace. We had a really knowledgeble bird watcher who confirmed most of the sightings that the naturalist airboat driver called out. Then, on to the the center of the Everglades by van, with many more sightings. We took another fast boat through the Florida Red Mangroves, which are not native, but are growing quickly. We were on the lookout for dolphins, and unfortunately didn't see any. My highlight during our walk was a snake crane, which had a really long neck that it used to breath while it hunted for fish. On the way home we saw many more alligators sunning themselves along the banks. We found an open 125kw charger, which charged us at 65kw, and we had ice cream next door while we waited. We are now recharged after so much time looking for chargers. Many people decided it was a scam and were going to be bringing their electric cars back to the rental office. One had a Shelby, and couldn't figure out how to charge it. 

Back at our apartment just before sunset, I started the grill and went straight to the pool, where I got to swim for about half an hour before getting out and cooking our Bosnian sausages. They were amazingly good, and we shall have the rest for a late breakfast when we get back from kayaking in the morning. We only have one kayak, and so just Rhonda and I are going first.