Hands of grasping

jealously green 

grasses brush 

bare feet

from the valley's cradle 

to its peak.

Fields of wild 


plum ripe flowers

yellow maids

count my blessings 

to describe the place.

You were their sacrifice

they pinned you like a butterfly

like a star, they hung you in the night.

Each star another's sacrifice

I count them all to see

how many more we have made.

I shiver dimly

before these visions

your golden hair

dancing in the wind

blonde locks 

lashing the evenings air.

From this hill 

where at certain

times of night 

we sit together

I have dreamt my earth met your sky

as the brightest of your stars

meet my eyes.

I'd be your sacrifice.

I wish I had a million lives

for you I'd let a billion

others fade

to free you from a prison in the sky.