191.June 24

Braunschweig, Germany

I got up latish with John and packed my clothes and biked to the train station. I booked my return ferry, and got a ticket to Recklinghausen. John took me out for gyros and a curry cheese burger. I took a train to Braunschweig.

At 17:00, I met Mark and Zibylla outside the flower shop at the station. Mark talked the whole ride to me, and even bought me ice cream. It was a long ride, but I had a great time. Mark was trying very hard to use English and improve it.

Katja was dressed very nicely when I arrived. She took me to a cafe with Zimond, her girlfriend from Economics school. They had cappuccino's. I had cafe with Bailey's and watched the fussball game in America. We went to Atlantis, a disco. Katja's boyfriend Zini bought drinks for all of us. We played Batman pinball, which is called "flipper" in Germany. Katja drove me back to her house, and she went home with Zimona.


I had lunch with Faust and Tanya at La Rana, and dinner with Rachel, Sara and Marcia at Doc's. Rehearsal was just with the leads, and I spent the whole time out on the cement behind the barn with Mark and Lindsay. It was a beautiful evening. Rachel and I watched Mad Men while I scanned someone elses slides of Israel and Egypt trip that I bought at a sale many years ago in Madison.