156.July 29

We speculated on what my ailments might be when we got to the hospital last night, and I think we narrowed it down to a stomach flu, but when they started to operate on me finally after the MRI and everything including a shaving they had it narrowed down to an appendix problem. I heard it was very difficult to remove, and then I was brought to a room in the Winneshiek Medical center to sleep the day away, which I did with little problem. Rachel stayed at Chris and Rhonda's, since they were gone on vacation.


I had lunch at Magpie with CJ and an uneventful day at work.


San Antonio, Texas. We have been in the JWMarriot swimming and planning the rest of our trip. We just ate some BBQ at the hotel restaurant. I spent the day in conferences learning about some features in the FileMaker software. It was great. Rachel was relearning Russian somgs by the pool. After 17:00, I met her for a lazy river dual tube ride. We are on a walk after dinner around the grounds. Rachel is taking as many low light photos as she can to hone her skills. There was an alarm that went off at the hotel tonight that woke us up very late, saying there was some sort of an emergency and to evacuate our rooms at 02:00 in spanish, but the english message was cut short and then nothing followed. I had just heard about the ebola epidemic, so I was worried again.