087.October 6

Nottingham, UK

Today, I got up at 06:00 and took the 53 bus to NTU. I missed the stop, but after everyone else was off, I asked the bus driver and she let me off close to where I go to classes. I went to The Craft of Writing, which I decided was not for me, it was not very advanced at all, and so I left after the first hour of class. I sat in the cafeteria and wrote until my next class.

The juiciest orange I've ever ate

I plucked away the rind

to find my fingers dripping

wet the napkin yellow

Painted with the first dye

What other fruits could make

darker colours than this?


"Your pleasure" was what the maid

said as she left a dirty cup for me

the orange is gone

Rind and seeds in my cup

it was juicy, but not very much taste

Will it last me the day?

If it does, I don't have

much of an appetite.

I went to Critical Theory. It was so exciting. The teacher was excellent and young. Then I went to U. of Nottingham and registered with the first year students in a line that took one and a half hours for English classes. I took Rhetoric. Dinner tonight was potato and toppings.


Tonight I hung all the cables for Dracula's lights. I could be up and

running in two hours or less if I had to light the show.


I rode the BMW to work on this beautiful day, had lunch at T-bocks, and then returned home, riding abreast of the wind. We had rehearsal, and I hope to watch "Mad Men" before bed.


I worked Jill's garage sale in our barn this morning to the tune of $0.75. Then we took the tents down in the park from Leve for Farge. Inger was at our house, and joined us later when we went to Steve and Linda's house to play Euchre and eat chili. Steve and I beat Roger and Mark. Frida spent the evening at the Deschler's watching movies.