223.May 23


Breakfast at the Moose in the Woods on Camden Passage in Islington, traditional for Rachel again, me with Eggs Benedict, amazing coffee

Westminster Cathedral tour, with no pictures allowed, then a pint at the Westminster Arms pub.

We saw the changing of the horse guards at Whitehall

We walked to the National Portrait Gallery and went through quickly, then a tube to Kensington Palace for a tour

We made it to the Royal Albert Hall for a tour, and Elvis Costello was warming up there, so we got to hear 5 songs

met Kate for dinner at a Mezzi restaurant (medeteranean) and saw Billy Elliot

took a bus home to SOHO with a fly man for Wicked

finished the evening in SOHO with coffee and apple cake

Near the end of this trip, I don't know what day, we drove to the south shoreline, and when in Portsmouth, stayed at the Robin Hood Inn. I'll update this later when I find more information.