034.November 28

Brooklyn, NY

Thanksgiving day, we woke early and got started with our cooking after I made some espresso. Eventually, Sam got eggs for omlettes, but by then the turkey was already cooking for an hour, the stuffing had been stuffed, etc.

We basted for 5.5 hrs, adding the potato's and yams late in the game, setting out the cranberries an hour before the arrival of guests had som chianti to ring in the evening.

Our guests arrived, all 5 of them, including Jason's new wife Marianna from Greece originally. We had a lovely meal, the turkey was perfect. Monty helped me carve it, then he just took over. After the meal I got out the crackers and shortbread, and mince pies were eaten with coffee, plus the birthday cake from Jason's recent party was still less than 1/3 eaten. I had wine and whisky coffee and tea. We looked at photos and finished.

Sam and I watched "Rushmore" after they left. They had done most of the dishes. After the movie I finished them off and we went to sleep.