078.October 15

Cambridge, UK

Early in the morning, we left for Cambridge, Rochester, Canterbury, and Dover. It was a wild weekend. Kris took charge of the trip since he was the oldest, and he did a very good job. One night in Cambridge we went out to a pub and everyone got very pissed. Some of us controlled ourselves better than others. I got better acquainted with Kiron. I found out he works with theatre, so we do have something in common. We cleared out of the pub quickly, despite how drunk we all were, and all had the strangest time trying to get to bed that night. Luckily we got out of that hostel when we did.

We stopped in Rochester at the castle for a few hours. We all climbed it, the tallest we've been to yet, and EB and I played Robin Hood and knightly games. We looked at the church nearby. I arranged a wedding picture of An and CJ with the rest of us posing as the wedding party. I examined some antique dealers in town, as well as a huge used book shop.


Heidelberg, Germany