116.September 7

London, UK

I checked into Earl's Court Hostel today with all my heavy bags after having a little trouble finding the place. I flirted with the idea of having breakfast. I walked to the museum of Natural History, and spent my whole day there. I had stopped for tabouli and a piece of broccoli quiche somewhere on the way, so my stomach was quite satisfied. I saw dinosaurs, the making of the island of Britain, huge Megabugs, and all sorts of cool things (like thousands of real-live dead animals and birds).

I was walking somewhere, and happened to pass by the Les Miserables billboard at the Palace in Covent Garden. I just went to it, wow. It was fabulous, especially the mechanics. They used revolving circular stage with smaller inside circles so they could control how much of the circle revolved. That was great for a street effect. People could walk and stay in the same place. Then two huge piles of junk that resembled buildings, tipped over mechanically for the battle scenes, slid on. They could lower a bridge on them and light the scene differently and it was entirely different. The play was spectacular, and racy.

The group of students behind me, up on top of the third floor (7 pound tickets) of this huge theater, where from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. They were juniors too, and on a program that gave them about a month in London, two weeks in Paris, and another two in Rome.

Karen, Katie, Kristen and I went out after the play, because I told them I had nothing to do. It was after 23:00, so our only option, after roaming around and buying some rolls, was their hotel bar. It started raining on the way there, so Karen shared my umbrella and we talked. Karen and I had a Guinness on me, and then a Budwiser on her. We talked for a long time and I had a great night. I got mildly lost as I walked back to Earl's Court Hostel. I made it there sometime near 01:00 and went to bed in the dark.


Gloucester, Mass

I woke at 06:30, put on my clothes, washed my face and had breakfast, an egg and an English muffin, with Mary. Then we parted, and I drove into Gloucester, where I parked in front of the Sailor’s Monument 1623-1923. I biked around Cape Ann on the bike route in my book, but cut it a little short. I stopped the longest in Rockport, the artist and sales community along with a photographers dream port. I didn’t have my OM2 camera along though. I’m glad I didn’t. The camera is one thing that can easily classify a person in the eyes of others. I am a biker.

I stopped along a rough water rock shore, and got splashed by the huge breakers against the shore. I stopped on a beach, went through Rocky Neck Artist Colony and simply had a wonderful morning. I would like a shower and to be in one place alone just for a bit. I’ll find a place to stop on the map before I leave here. I’m now in Maine, the way like should be, sitting in a restaurant called The Hayloft. I had fish and chips, with malt vinegar. I’m in Ogunquit, close to Kinnebunk (port). I’m going to look for a campground for tonight, perhaps a state park. I guess I prefer my money to go to state parks than individual camp owners. I plan to bike tomorrow, and decide why I came to Maine, where to go north or to go back to Boston afterwards.

The restaurant was a pleasure, so was service and kindness. I like the people in Maine a lot, the driving, the trees, the water. I’ll explore!

After I left the Hayloft, above, I drove to Kinnebunkport, Maine, and set up tent at Salt Marshes Campground.


I went to Java Johns for coffee over noon, since Rachel packed me a yummy lunch that I'd already eaten right at 12:00. When I got home, we made dinner, and then off to the first night of practice for Blithe Spirit. Carol and Sara were there, and I believe we had some fun with it. Rachel and I finally ate the dinner we made and watched this weeks "Mad Men", which was perhaps the best episode ever.


It is Labor Day, a Monday, and Rachel has been home for the first weekend since school started 2 weeks ago at UNI. She is loving school, and I am jealous but getting quite a few things done at our house and at my job. I will try to visit her every week, though I missed out on the last. Texting, facetime, and phone calls have really made it feel closer. She's got nearly everything she needs at her room, and now she is planning on riding down with John when he picks up the kids. I hope she enjoys life without a car for a week. I think it will be a good feeling. I'll pick her up on Friday.