091.October 2

Lincoln, UK

It's cloudy, but dry. Kiron picked us up at Willoughby at 09:30. I had gone to breakfast alone. I ate with Catherine from Athens, Greece. She is a medical student getting her Ph.D. this semester. She said Athens was dirty, but there were still beautiful places to go in Greece. I had to leave for the bus, but I would have loved to sit and talk with her longer. She lived in Wollaton, somewhere nearby the University.

Our first stop was a Norman, or Romanesque church, the official Nottingham Anglican church. It was beautiful. We might go to the Messiah there sometime.

We went to Lincoln. I walked around that cathedral, and then walked downtown to a restaurant. I had tomatoes and mozzarella on toast. I tried everyone else's food. Liz had mussels. Yuck. An had chili, really spicy stuff, yum. Lisa had pasta. It was blah. Eve had garlic mushrooms. I don't remember what Jana had.

Lisa and I walked around town, down to the river. We walked along it a short way to the Green Dragon and sat and had some pints. We watched TV there. Knight Rider and the A-Team were on. Then we played pool. We walked back to the bus and came home. I sat with An and gave her a foot-rub. She gave me a hand-rub.

At night, we just sat around the house. I went to bed around 21:00. I had a dream that John Storlie had met me in London. I kept having to save him from getting himself killed.


Madison, WI

Wednesday, October 02, 2002 12:44 PM

I am about to go work, hang some projector in the middle of a large room 

like a spiders eggs or flies.


La Crosse, WI

We had a garage sale for Uff-da Fest weekend, and Rachel had nearly everything piece of junk from our house tagged for a small price. There was a good amount of clothing, but lots of other things to. I think we paid for our lunch today with that, and we split a hamburger, but we did get rid of some stuff, which in the long term is the major goal. Rachel served as first guard this morning, and when I took over at 10:00, Elyse showed up and helped keep my spirits up. We brought out a guitar, and I tried to practice a song for a bit, but then we pulled out the 57 chevy and she sat in the back and strummed with a stick. Katie came too, just after winning the Grand prize for runners in the 5k race for women under 19. She's 9.

When Rachel returned, she sold things for an hour past the time she'd marked as being done. Then we put everything back in the garage and went to The Footnotes, and for some rommegrot. We followed the Footnotes to Doc's because it was a little too cold for them to play outdoors. We had lunch there with Elyse, and then dropped her off with her parents at the ballard house. Rachel helped me to prepare the song I played tonight for Kelley's wedding dance with her father. Then we dressed and went a little late for the reception. Dinner was excellent and when it came time to play before everything, I did a pretty good job of it. I got very nice comments from the bride and groom, so it must have been what she wanted from the song "More that I could wish you." We finished the evening with a stop in a very cool Eitzen bar where Dave Zollo and The Body Electric was playing. It was all very impressive.


I trimmed trees along the east-side of our property, filling most of the yard with the leafy things. I sawed up some large branches for firewood, but mostly I just cut. We'd borrowed an extended saw that reached over 25 feet. It was a miracle, though I did all that I could reach on a ladder first. I did trim the trees near the house as well. Then I fixed one of the garage doors, putting an older spring in place to replace the older one I put up last year. I need to start buying some new things someday. We went to the bar with some City Council members for an hour before bed. Rachel is making photo books online of our trip to Mineral Point.


Lee took me to Culver's in Decorah for lunch. I have been bringing lunch to work for the last few weeks, so I quickly ate that before we went, and I just got ice cream instead. We talked about upcoming plans and how wonderful it is that we have this great house to entertain people in. It was very fun, as we weren't doing anything but talking. I have been working on a very exciting project with Ipods at work, and I hope to get it to a usable state by next week. When I arrived home, Jill was labeling things of hers for a Uffda Fest garage sale that will be in our barn garage. I went to the other garage stall while she did it, and I clean and straightened up things to get it ready for the winter. Frida was studying and Rachel was gone to cook spaghetti, so I didn't feel like I was spending my time incorrectly. I had rehearsal for Escanaba with the guys, and then picked up some manequins from the Ballard House to deliver to Fancy Pants in Decorah for a sweater display so that Jill can sell some of her sweaters this weekend for Luther Homecoming.


We drove together this morning and I dropped Rachel off at KVIK radio, where she cut an add for this weekends Ye Olde Gray Barn dance for Giants of the Earth during Uff-Da Fest. I went to work as early as I could to see the reaction to the new server I deployed this weekend. Everything but two laptops were just fine, and those only needed to update the program that accesses the server. I decided instead to do a massive inventory and organization of everything on my shelves to get ready for the changes I will make tomorrow. I figure I could now get rid of a great deal of the things I have been storing because they have no further benefit to the company, and will not be used in any, but a horrible outage, instance. Anyway, if felt very productive by means of creating more space.  I met Rachel for lunch at Old Armory BBQ, when I realized that I had left my motorcycle helmet at home. We split a lovely Chimichanga, then got double shots of espresso to go accross the street at The Landing before departing in our different directions. I stopped at Christina's to see my grand nieces. They were delightful and brightened my day immeasurably with their stories, stickers, and great love of Robin Hood. We discussed meeting soon to bake at their house after work or for noon lunch. I am so happy that we can do this soon, and so will Rachel be.

I met my nephew and a few coworkers for a beer after work at Pulpit Rock brewery, where some of us have been meeting for the past year on Mondays for a free pint of beer with a special blue cup. Chris and Rhonda also arrived, and the latter let me borrow her bicycle helmet to get home a little safer. It was a fun breezy feeling on my ride home. It has been inthe 80's, so it was a welcome breeze. I enjoyed our kitten's company when I got home, and cuddled with him for 20 minutes before heading to rehearsal at YOOH, where we finally started working Act 3, the act we've been waiting for in "Play On" where everything seems to go wrong much of the time, and we save ourselves in the most horrible ways. Then home, and we opened windows and put a screen on the upstares porch door to exchange the hot stale aire with something better. It's getting quite lovely, especialy with a fan blowing softly on me in bed.