250.April 26

I had a lunchtime picnic with Rachel. We had two more auditions tonight, and then I caught up on V and LOST.


Phoenix, AZ

We woke before dawn to return our rental car and reach the airport in time for our flight, which was delayed for about an hour due to high winds at the MSP airport. They had shut down all but one of the runways. We enjoyed our scones from JOBOT, the coffee shop we went to last night after coming home from Sedona. After we landed, we headed for IKEA to look at kitchen ideas. We ate there and went home to see the new baby niece, Francelia. She is perfect and precious. We watched a movie and went to bed.


Jefferson City, MO

We spent the night at Rachel's birthmom's house, dining on Chinese takeout after a day in Columbia with Grandpa Wally singing in front of the piano for hours. Joyce listened from the bedroom.


Mineral Point, WI 2018