119.September 4

Boston, Mass

I’m in “The Black Rose,” an Irish lookalike pub, more like anything I saw in London than in Dublin. The wench is straight from Dublin, or she puts out she is. I’m sitting in the bar, where I think I’ll always prefer to sit than on the tables covered with plastic and bottomed with steel legs. I’m drinking a Woodpecker again, makes me happy.

Katherin “Katrin”. They sound honest and Irish. Delaney from Cork, I’d tell them if I wanted to get slapped. We Delaney’s have a fight to wage in every. Andre Agassi is playing on the tv in the corner. I wonder if he’ll ever win a match. It has been a long time since I played tennis. I’ll not get on another court for a while I’m sure. The Woodpecker here is not as flavorful as in England, or rather not as flavorful as American ciders. I’m not in much of a mood to finish this page now. I should leave here, but something calls me to say.


Sunday, September 4, 2005 Return

Northwest Airlines #102

Depart: 12:10pm

afternoon Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)

Arrive: 5:25pm

evening Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis St Paul Intl (MSP)

Seats: 15F

Economy | Airbus Industrie A320 (320) | 3hr 15min | 1276 miles


We had gone to bed very early, so it was still early when we woke, but it felt as if we were sleeping in. Rachel brought me breakfast in bed, as I was ill. Rachel called Jill, and the two of them went to Decorah. Rachel was entering a salsa competition at Seed Savers, judged by the Co-op, so she had to buy materials for her salsa and assemble them at Chris and Rhonda's. I stayed in bed with Foxtrot until after 10:00. I cleaned the kitchen and let Kick-Ass play again in the background as my soundtrack. After noon, when I ate hot dogs and beans, I went outside and finished installing the passenger window liners on my 57 Chevy Truck. Then I took the alternator out of the Buick Park Ave. Rachel and Jill called and I started charcoal in our grill. When they arrived they cooked various meats. I took the motorcycle over to my parents house and helped my dad pull the alternator out of my red Buick Park Ave that is parked there. They came to my house for dinner, and then we tried out the car, which did not start or ever try to start at all, but the horns when haywire until we unhooked them. But still no success. Lee showed up, and we made a disk of pictures for him to print out for our wedding photos. Jill hung around after everyone left for a while, and then Rachel and I got ready for Sarah's patio party, where we spent much of the night having a lovely time. Scott's son beat me at ladder-ball. It was an amazingly fun party, with a wide variety of people.


I rode the BMW to work, and on my way home the sky started looking treacherous. An unexpected hailstorm began at 18:15, and Rachel and I raced to cover the Mercedes in the driveway to protect it. Our window screens were destroyed, and perhaps some shingles. Rachel had a council meeting.