088.October 5

Nottingham, UK

Heavy rains sometimes. I slept in, and then went to the University to get my Union card. I browsed around the Freshers' Fayre, signed up for the New Theatre Club and the Photography Club. Then I went downtown with Lisa, John, and Stacey to get a bus pass. It was 52 pounds, and lasts until December 16th.

Christy, EB, and I ate pizza at Pizza Land. We got home at 15:00 and started making chili, which Drew Curtis laced with Tabasco and chili peppers. It was the hottest chili in the world, but almost everyone tried to eat it. We had no leftovers. I went to the Running Horse with Lisa that night, and we heard one Irish singer. It was folk, blues and beyond night. We had two pints each. My favorite pint was called Original.


Madison, WI

The Wisconsin Badgers are currently playing on the projection screen in this Union Bar, yes, I'm here again, it's where I get my mail, and in this case, my hard cider. I ordered an ale, but they must have hooked up the wrong tap. A pleasant surprise. Tonight I think I'll have a roaring campfire. I haven't yet, and the weather is stellar out their in view, in must be done. Thanks for stroking my ego on poetry. I write a thing or two every couple of days, but always prefer it when it comes in letter form.

Obviously I must come and visit soon, immediately, otherwise you will be swept up into another series and be terribly unavailable. I'll keep my eyes open for flights. The prices don't look to bad currently, and I know I can afford to take four or five days off somewhere in the near future. I love planning these sorts of things. I don't ever do much planning, but I can pretend to do it at least. It always seems a bit more enjoyable to let things happen as they may. I am leaving now, I can't sit in this bar forever, people will talk. They might think I'm not just here for the email, but the drinks, and I couldn't have that. David


Decorah, IA

Rachel came to T-Bocks for Friday lunch club. Faust and Tanya both came too, and we made arrangements to have dinner and time with Eli after work. I picked up a Casey's mushroom pizza, which we topped off with lots of more coop ish veggies and cheese. Rachel loved Eli, and says she needs one.


Uff Da Fest, Spring Grove, MN

At 7:00 this morning, Elyse, who slept on our couch last night, took the Mercedes down to Viking Memorial Park to put up two tents for Leve for Farge. Lane brought the tents and arrived at 8:00, and by then we were getting stir crazy. I got some tables from our garage, and we put up the tents with quite a few people, but I was th only who really knew how. The run began at 10:00, and by then I'd made multiple trips to pick up the equipment for the games and our costumes. Elyse and I had gone to the Opera House for Tu-Tus. I went back later to the Ballard , where I found Chris and Katie parking in our yard with a whole bunch of others. At the race, we ran about 1 Km and then walked much of the rest of the way. The colors were very fun to be bombed by. One girl through the color at my face, and I had my mouth open slightly. It didn't tasted that bad. We had an incredible time, and everyone was so friendly and fun. We had the tu-tus on, and I was wearing a rainbow wig that had fallen off of Rachel.

I set up a computer to present a power point presentation at Norski's to show who won the Lion's Club truck drawing. We later had dinner with Inger Lien, Frida, Mara (from Wiesbaden, Germany) stayed with us last night, so she came too. Rachel joined us after she worked at the Ballard house.