074.October 19

Uni. Nottingham, UK

I went to a Literary Society Party at the Hippo, and got home at 02:00. I felt like the males there did not like me very much. I had met some people who asked me to come in Rhetoric class, and I mostly talked to Jody, and then had a conversation with a woman from the New Theatre Society whom I recognized. I walked home in a very tired stupor, a fourty-five minute walk from downtown.



We went to breakfast at the Jailhouse Diner. It was a lovely little spot, with great food. Jake met us there, and after we had all eaten, and found each other again at the vehicle, we dropped Jakes truck back at our place, and we didn't get to Arch's in time to see anything the night before and when we went this morning, there was a long line up, and sign that says come back in 3 to 4 hours. Instead, we went on Jake's favorite walk thorough a river valley, where we had the ford the stream barefoot many times to keep our shoes dry. We had brought swim suits, just in case the water wasn't ice cold for swimming in the stream. But it was shockingly cold just to wade through, so that didn't happen. It was so much fun, and we had an incredible time finding places to climb or pose. The river valley and basin were amazing. Mills Creek was the name of the place. We all climbed and frolicked all over, and had an amazing hike, finding petroglyphs, slides, and caves.

We went to a food trailer park for lunch, and then, while the other's showered and relaxed at our Air-BNB and hung out in the hot tub, Rachel and I headed off to see Arches National Park by evening. We stayed until Moonrise, after Sunset, and it was lovely. We climbed to the Windows, and then many other things, but then it got dark before 7pm, and we headed back to the house. We stopped to pick up beer at the Moab Brewery first, and while there we met someone from Oregon who used to teach in Alaska. We also stopped at the grocery store next to it. We bought breakfast items and chicken to cook for tonight. We had a lovely dinner, with fancy Moab Gin drinks, and then spent some time in the hot tub.


Wildhaus, Switzerland