134.August 20

Tuesday, August 20, 2002 10:26 AM

I'm about to leave Minnesota for Wisconsin. This week at Madison, I'll be testing out all the equipment in the theatres after a summer of little activity. I arranged to tape the training videos next week, because the co-worker I'm doing it with is setting up for a concert this week. That seems fine with me. Until I have my trailer there, I'd like to spend as little time in Madison as possible. Also, I don't mind not paying any bills for a short period of time. Kind of a freeing feeling. But I'm sure I'll start to miss it. The summer was our down season at the theatre, and now it is going to start to pick back up. I do miss it. The summer is just conferences for the most part, nothing to write home about.


Kinsarvik, Norway

Jeg setter har I Kinsarvik til jeg ga pa ferja a Kvanndal. Fra der, jeg skal go til Bergen pa (highway) 7. Je vetter mei pa Felt 4, vi vill ogsa stopper pa Utne.

The ferry is just pulling in. I am second in line to get on, at least to Kvanndal, vehicle to Utne get priority, but it looks like there will be room for me, since they can hold 30 biler.

Det koster 91 ore for ferja. Jeg vil ga ut to finde a place til setter meg.

Jeg er na etter de aeroport, where I was just told by the passport agent at Gate 23 that I speak Norvegan well enough to be understood. I guess they are quite impressed when tourist snakker norks. From the ferja, I drove somewhat quickly along the fjord from Hardanger to wherever. Kvandal to Bergen airport, which is not in Bergen, but about 20 km south of it.

I stopped on the way at a kjosk to smake pa sjott fra baggenne mine.

When I arrived, after filling up the gas tank at StatsOil, the last possible chance just outside the airport, I parked in the Hertz rental lot, which was shared with all the other agencies. I repacked my backs, rushed to the terminal. Since I checked my bag, I’ve been here at least an hour.

I stopped at the pub for a 74 NOK pint of Hansa, where I read, until I saw that Gate 23 was announced. Baggage check had virtually no line. I stopped in Duty free and picked up an 89 NOK bottle of Aquavite, for which he said I needed 1 more kroner, but he just said “Don’t worry about it”… strange. But I think he was trying to make me feel like he was doing me a favor though I’d given him the right amount. Maybe he counted wrong.

I only have half a kroner left. Perfect. I feel ready to fly.


As my new daughter Frida prepares to come to USA next week, we are trying to prepare our house for her over the next week as well. Frida has started a travel blog, which reassures me that I will like her very much. I discoved my cell phone after a month of tearing up the house and Airstream to locate it. It showed up in a basket under a wax swan in the dining room.