022.December 10

My camera is done, waiting to be picked up. They decided not to call me, or send it, I guess. I'm taking my truck to buy wood supplies for the show on the way. Maybe a divan, or a leather loveseat, but that's just a pipe dream. I'm also going to do all my Christmas shopping, hopefully. I'm going to leave work 3 hours or so early today. I'll be back on Saturday sometime, probably about 17:00, hopefully with all

the opera scores and music I need also. Also, I have a chance to see "No Exit" tonight, and seemed a bit dry and melancholy to read over brie. So I guess I'll have another action packed weekend.


Rachel worked at Luther for voice juries, where she heard a wide range of talents, including Yodeling, swine calling, and the use of Echo. Like music, these are talents that come in the blood, not in the humors, so they do not lessen except by leeching, and later in life. David has forgotten everything he did that day, so he chooses to make fun of Rachel's profession and way of life.