110.September 13

Nottingham, UK

I woke at 05:15 this morning, took a wonderful hot shower, and dressed and finished packing in the dark. I checked out of City of London Hostel before 07:00, and am now on the Gatwick Express. It is 07:40. I had a good trip. I am very glad I did this by myself. I want to continue in this style. Sometimes I like to talk to someone, but I probably try harder to talk to the natives this way. I am excited to see my Luther friends again.

I waited at the Airport, and saw Becca first, then all of them. We filed out of the airport and into our bus. We drove home, stopping at a truck and tourist stop for food. I had another ploughman's, and some gateau.

When we got to the flat, we were assigned on walks. I went with Jana and An around Hyson Green. Then we came back and ate spaghetti with good sauce. After dinner and a meeting, Ian took some of us out to The Wheatsheaf. I had Shipstone's Bitter, StrongArm cider, and a Belle's Scotch. An took timed photos of the evening. Drew and I played pinball. It was a really fun first evening.


At lunch I bumped into Liz, my first Mousetrap "Mrs. Ralston", who is now going to Luther. I biked there on my folding Trek, which is such an asset, and I will try to keep it in good condition forever, and hopefully travel with it someday. Rachel warmed up our leftover pot roast last night for dinner, and then we headed off to rehearsal. It was Bethany's birthday, so Sara brought ice cream cake, and it was a social event. Very fun. Bethany brought some freshly made chutney apples and cheese with little toasts. We blocked the seance in the beginning of "Blithe Spirit." I had a terrible headache and thought I would keel over. After a very soothing shower, I was able to drift off into a coma, where I had dreams of going into purgatory to rescue great people, not unlike those Elvira mentions in Blithe Spirit. It was fantastic.


Harvest Farm Campground, Cresco, IA

I had lunch with Mike and Sharon at La Rana. I picked up Rachel and Frida at home after doing some shopping for meats and drinks, and we loaded up the canoe and the Airstream and headed off to Iowa, just south of Harmony, MN to a campground where we would meet Robin, Rob, and other from our gang for a weekend of camping, cooking, canoeing and campfire sitting. We had a beautiful but cold night, in which it felt it would frost outside, but Rachel kept me toasty warm in our new sleeping bags zippered together into one. Buck played songs around the campfire late into the night.