033.November 29

Nottingham, UK

I am unfortunately getting sick after a long and exciting weekend of play practice. I am getting integrated into the dances now, and they are all quite fun and a bit difficult, but mostly just fast. This Saturday, the cast and I are going to the play Dangerous Liaisons. Then we are going to help take down their set and put up ours all night long so we can rehearse on stage for our dress rehearsals with the band. It is getting rather hectic with practice, and then with papers looming ahead closer, and all the parties and meeting new people and trying to prove to people here that I like to spend time with them.


Brooklyn, NY

Sam and I did laundry and got plastic to cover the windows. The heat was off, so we shivered until we came back in the evening after a play. After covering three windows and breakfast and a lunch of turkey sandwiches and chili, we went to Scott and Erin's house, a coop in Brooklyn south of here. He took us to the writer's center that they are setting up next month, The Brooklyn Writers Center, membership is $75 per month to use it. Nice place, the desks and dividers will be $10,000 alone.

Then the play "Far Way" by Caryl Churchill.

After playing darts in Dempsey's with Murphy's Stout, Irish cider, and a Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky, we ate dinner after at a Kosher restaurant called 2nd Avenue Deli. I had 3 blintzes. Sam had motsa ball soup. It was great. We talked about Christianity and religion and walked to the station and back home.