300.March 7

Nottingham, UK

A character dropped her part in Lysistrata, Myrrhine. She came to me crying and complaining of emotional problems. I could say nothing else. I did not want to have someone in it who did not want to be there. Rebecca will be filling that part, because I knew she can handle it, and I have the opportunity to work with her on it if she needs help. I do know that I can rely on her.

LETTER: Erin, I do not think I get as stressed about the opposite sex as women do. I try to dwell within my own sphere when I can, and to do that, separation is the only way. I don't mean I cut off communication and relations, but separation from getting deeply contemplative about the actions of others towards me.

My assistant director just quit the production of Lysistrata, and I am so happy. She was such a stress on my life. Our personalities didn't mesh at all, and we have totally different conceptions of the play. I still have one Brit assisting me, and sometimes directing me, but the exchange is working better, and he gives a lot of great ideas, where she would just tell me that we would have to redo something because she didn't like it, over and over. She did get the technical people arranged, which I am grateful for.

I am writing a paper for British Novel now on Wuthering Heights. I'm having fun with it. I booked the PAS for next weekend and took care of other stuff like that. I met with Simon Shepherd to ask him where I could get masks for the play.


Rachel made us a fabulous breakfast, during which we watched 'Caprica'. We cleaned the YOOH building, and then met Jill and Katie at Doc's Blue Moose for an early dinner. Katie only wanted ice cream, bless her soul. I tried to scare her about what would happen if she didn't drink more water, but I think she thinks I was joking. I wasn't, I'm just delusional.

We had our first Production meeting for Kiss Me Kate at Mary's house, and it was very productive.

It is exciting that we have quite a bit of time left to follow through with our plans, though some are fast approaching.