094.September 29

University of Nottingham, UK

Cool and cloudy, not rainy. We had breakfast and a meeting about Community Action. Then Jana, CJ, An, and I went back to the flat because I had asked David to leave it open that morning. We arrived about noon. We had just missed the bus, so we walked a lot of the way. Then we waited for it, which took forever. We bought groceries, and I went to the Photo place with my coupon and others for Kris and Christy's prints. I looked for some Dr. Marten's and came home on the bus. I ate grilled cheese sandwiches and a chocolate chip cookie that An and Jana made. A few others were at the house now. I left for the University.

I missed dinner. As I was walking to Cavendish, I ran into Lisa, who was going Portland to eat with Stacey and Christy. I found Stacey and Christy in Cavendish dining hall, so I ran to catch Lisa, but she had gotten lost, and I couldn't find her. We all met at the bar in Willoughby Hall. Stacey gave me a pint glass with my name and Fozzy Bear etched on it that she had found at the Save the Children store. Then we went to the Buttery. An and I shared a pint of Guinness, and a Scrumpy Jack. I had another Scrumpy as I talked to Laura, from Spain. She lives in Willoughby Hall. I stayed later than everyone else, until 00:45. Then I came to my dorm room and collapsed.


Frida and I had breakfast together, again the broccoli quiche with PG-tips tea. Then we went to church to listen to Rachel play the organ. I also had to read the lessons in front of everyone, and I feel I did as well as I could. Rachel played brilliantly, though she was surprised by the difficulty of her final piece. We all went home together and Rachel and I had a second breakfast while Frida spent the entire day in her room enjoying being alone and watching her favorite tv shows on her mac. I watched the end of the Vikings/Steelers game played in London at Wembly stadium. Then we prepared the garage by hanging pipes and sweeping so that we could have a garage sale in it with mostly Jill's stuff later in the week. I went to rehearsal, and when I got home, painted another coat on the wall. Rachel and Jacob had made pasta sauce all day, and when Frida came down at 20:30, I asked her to make pasta, so that we could eat. Rachel joined us after having photographed a Caledonia Senior that evening at the Alamo barn. We watched a little more of "Lord of the Rings" and Frida went to bed. We finished "DEREK" on Netflix, and then edited Rachel's pictures, choosing the best shots to work with from before church and the afternoon shoot.