247.April 29

Post date: Apr 29, 2010 2:59:34 PM

Nottingham, UK

I was supposed to turn in an Art History Paper today, but of course I didn't. I would continue to turn in papers to David late for the rest of the year.


London, UK

I'm at Stanstead airport north of London, waiting for my plane to Frankfurt. I've had a lovely time in London, though I never went outside of it. I went to all the galleries to refresh my memories of what art is. I did see lots of new things to me too, but mostly its burning the images deeper into my memories. Yesterday was spent partially visiting Kate's flat, which is new since I was here last. I've got an open invitation to stay anytime. She's got a documentary filmed of her.It was filmed partially in her flat. I went to see a play last night called "The Entertainer." It took place in 1956 about a failed music hall performer. It was wonderful. I spent most of my visit walking around. Everything is so interesting here, the buildings, the river, the green spaces, the wildlife, (ducks, squirrels, mice) that I never get bored. I look forward to being back home, but I had fun, and was two feet from Spiderman.



We took off from Decorah a little early today, stopping at Doc's for dinner. Nearly all of our close friends also came by and many joined us, including Jill. We then mowed the lawn and I cleaned the garage.