106.September 17

Salisbury, England

It's pleasant weather, no rain or even mist. We woke and ate at 08:00. Then Karl, John and I walked around. When we got to the Cathedral too early, Karl and I walked around back through town by ourselves and got a little lost. We found our way back to a pastry shop and I had an apple pastry that was tasty. We took our pastries to the cathedral and met the group out in front. We examined the architecture, and then went inside. In the Cloisters there, we saw one of the original copies of the Magna Carta. We went to Salisbury Museum for a few hours to see some information on old Sarum and the area around Salisbury. There were some amazing and beautiful glass etchings. Lisa and I walked back to the hostel together, getting slightly lost again. David loaded us up in the bus for a tour of old Sarum. We ran around those grounds, taking timed photos and trying to get away from Elizabeth Faldet.Then to Bath. We parked and walked straight to the Cathedral beside the Roman Baths. I walked in, but had to go to the bathroom, so I found a pub around the corner and had a half pint of Old Speckled Hen. I got directions to use the urinal downstairs outside in the lower tavern entrance. I went back to the cathedral and browsed in boredom, looking at the grave markers in the church walls until it was time for the Roman Baths Museum tour. There was a young girl at the entrance with no fear to dance before us all. She was fun to watch, and a good dancer. Her eyes were alive and the rest of her body was a ballerina-music-box-dancer.The baths were large and well positioned. There was a kalderium, tepidarium, fridgidarium and a steam room for people who chose varied temperatures. The water presently was infected by bacteria. They advised us not to touch it, but they sold drinking water from the spring that wasn't infected. I took pictures and looked around at all the Roman things. I liked some of the carvings, but most looked quite rough. I would have preferred all of them in an open air setting.We all walked back to the bus and bus to the hostel. This one was hidden even further back in the woods than the one in Salisbury. Both were very beautiful hostels. Drew and I played a Tetris slot machine to win money. We won none. Then we ate pasta with garlic bread together in the dining room. This time they just gave us the dish and we served ourselves from it.We went to a hotel pub down the hill, where we sat all night and talked. I had a double Jameson and a few pints. We all were there, sitting by ourselves in a circle in an empty hotel bar early in the evening. We were far enough from town to venture a walk there. An and I started a conversation about relationships and sex. Karl got involved, and they had to move away to clear things up. After a bit, I joined them, and we talked about personal things. This is something I have been told many times not to do with people you are living with for a long period of time, at least not to start off your time together with such an open relationship. Christy joined, to listen and help. We all tried to help An and ourselves. John, Eve, and Lisa came and we all talked, getting private and finding barriers. Jana came too. I learned about all of them, and hopefully they about me. Then we stumbled up the hill to the hostel and went to bed.


Salisbury Cathedral

Andrew met me at Jimbo's Bowling Allee, aka Oneota Lanes, in Decorah, for a few games and to meet Frida and Rachel when they arrived. We bowled the first game right away, and concentrated on bowling a little more than necessary until the pizza arrived. Frida and Andrew shared information about classes and what they are both doing with us. It was fun to finally get them to meet, since Andrew is so important to me. We all had a pretty spectacular game, at least that is how I would like it remembered throughout history. Rachel drove home, and the rest of us went up to Deiseth Hall at Luther to see Andrew's dorm room and get a little glimpse of that side of the campus. As we drove home through Hesper, Frida described her house in Norway to me in vivid detail. It was a very fun evening for me, since doing things with friends and family in Decorah always gives me a good feeling about working there.