299.March 8

Nottingham, UK

Meet with Kinesias and Myhrinne. Rehearsals most of the evening.


St. Paul, MN

I'm in a wheelchair for the first time and the moment that it inoculates my system with are downward. I feel a need to press myself deep into my seat. It is the need for grounded-ness. There is a woman sitting behind me in KEY's in a wheelchair. She's locked down, she shoved her arms far back her elbows went high up and planted her wrists on the back of the arm-rest. Then she lifted her butt up to the back of the chair and unlocked it.

Her turns are fluid and include the directions she's going for in straightening her chair but the angle was not too wide .

This is for my role in Easier to Be Silent. I felt pretty comfortable in the chair but did not like the leg over the other. It hurts. Oh well, no more KEY's today.


YOOH board meeting tonight covered a lot of business. We decided a lot of things, including next year's show. Rachel and I read in bed until she finished Fences, a play by August Wilson.


We went to breakfast in Decorah in an attempt to see Katie's performance for National History Day and the Middle School, and would have made it if I hadn't parked at the wrong school building. She was chosen for State competition, so we could still be very proud of her. We stopped by my parents house to see the Valentine tree that is now evolving into a St. Patrick's day tree. Rachel played for Saturday night Lenten service, and I arranged furniture and then I set up the new Harold Miller grandfather clock in the parlor. I played chess with Frida, and then Mara came over for the night. They stayed up late singing songs while Rachel and I watched strange movies downstairs.