019.December 13

Nottingham, UK

Rocky Horror Show is doing well, just one more performance tonight and then a huge party after it. The party was a Jon's house, and it was a night that I regret, in some ways, though not all. It was amazingly fun, however, and I was feeling on top of the world. A woman there had taken a great fancy to me, and as I was in costume still, parts of me were more available that they usually were in social situations. I was drinking a 2 liter of some very hard cider, Olde English. I was having so much fun with my friends, and then this woman was very much interested in me and stole me away to a corner and I was not of a mind to resist. It burned bridges with the people that were there with me at the party. (It was the one relationship I can think of in my entire life that I can remember trying to hide from. She was a lovely woman, I'm not saying that, but way beyond my current interests. I walked through campus to the Library a few days later and was worried that I would run into her. I think I did, and evaded as best I could. ) Luckily, and probably much to my annoyance at the time, CJ rescued me that night and got me out of there so I didn't leave with the woman. I believe we got a taxi.


Chicago, IL

We enjoyed the Field Museum at noon and then Second City in the evening.