158.July 27

We worked on the old house today, and took down the ceiling tiles, partially by accident. We were trying to nail them back up on the ceiling, and when we were both upstairs, about 1/3 of the old ones fell down. We decided that we should put up a nice ceiling for the resale or rental. We started looking at possibilities, but want to choose something that will match whatever we do for the walls. Rachel went to church to rehearse her songs for tomorrow morning's service and I worked on Deco's database until near midnight.


Houston, Texas

We woke in the Tree House Suite of the Modern B&B in the Montrose district, took a wonderful shower in the huge bathroom, and then went down to breakfast with the British family and a couple from Austin who gave us some tips for sightseeing on our way through. We ate homemade peanut butter granola, hard-boiled eggs, a made to order omelette. The british father made Rachel an espresso, and I had their house coffee. The others left while we finished eating, and then we loaded our car and went to Lakewood Church where we had to pass through a crowd to get inside. There were screamers who cited biblical passages that said the Pastor Joel Osteen was a demon from hell, or something like that. They said that this life should be terrible, and we should not seek happiness in this life. We were both impressed by Joel Osteen's belief that positive behavior is the greatest thing we can show others, and leading by example is far better than preaching to others. We also enjoyed the music, which was the majority of the service.

We drove to a few restaurants that we'd heard about, but the wait would have been a few hours to get a table, so we tried a small cajun diner and had amazing Cajunrito with andouille sausage and wonderful things, and Rachel had a bayou shrimp and grits with a white scallion sauce. Both were absolutely mind-blowing and good. We filled up the diesel car for the first time on Westheimer, and then headed off for the highway 10 to take a 202 mile drive to our hotel in San Antonio. We started looking for places to eat, and after a little walk, found a Pub right next door where we found great ribs, beans and brews to enjoy until late evening.

We are at our Residence Inn suite in San Antonio now, after the 202 mile drive from Houston. We had a wonderful and lively breakfast prepared by the chef at The Modern B&B in the Montrose neighborhood. We loved the neighborhood, and everyone who lives there seems to love it too. We went to the 11am service at Lakewood church with Joel Osteen. He did not preach, he inspired everyone, and it was a jubilant experience.

We then drove around the Museum district and Rice College. Just before we left Houston, we ate Cajun Seafood at BBs. I had a Cajunrito, which was astronomically good, but Rachel's Shrimp and grits in Cajun sauce and garlic Parmesan bread blew it out of the solar system. We filled up the diesel for 3.69 a gallon and took off on Hwy. 10

We stopped a few times, and you'll see the pictures of a mill we went to. It was a great day of new adventures.


Utah 2017