139.August 15

Acton, UK

Malcolm came back at noon while I was at the internet café down the street working for 2 hours for Deco. 4 pounds it cost for me to do that. Then we went to a pub down his block for lunch. I had lamb burgers and mash. Wonderful. Then I took the train and tube to Oxford Circus.

I wandered from pub to pub in the area stemming from Oxford Circus tube station, reading my book and drinking my pints, I met up with Kate at the Boheme, bkg for short, where we had last had drinks long ago (2 trips back). We moved from there to a Thai restaurant , where I had a Tiger something, well, it was beef, but lovely. Malcolm had the green curry, Kate had the red, and we were all happy with our bottle of pinot gregio. We had stopped for a nice old fashioned pub before that for a pint and a chat.

After dinner, we found an Arabic style restaurant and smoked a houka in style with Apple flavoured tobacco. My head is still spinning a bit, and though my Arabic coffee wasn’t thick enough to chew, it was a lovely atmosphere and I had a wonderful time.


Katie stayed over after Jill brought her to the pool in Spring Grove and out to dinner with me at Doc's. She helped me clean the 1963 Airstream and pump up the tires (to 40lbs) before an impending move to Robyn's for her birthday party campout on Friday night. Rachel arrived at home after taking her mom shopping for her birthday in La Crosse. Katie helped prepare Frida's room, and stayed there for the night, pretending to be Norwegian and evaluating it as a students room. We watched half of "Prince of Egypt" before we headed off to bed.