166.July 19

Putting together a small group for a Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Wilderness Trip, and had you lot on my list for possible canoeists.

Looking at entry point 52, with early stops like BAT LAKE, FRENCH

LAKE, VIRGIN LAKE, Gabimihigami, Little Saganaga, Gillis, etc. Lots

of good campsites in this area, big lakes, and small. There are a few

options for other routes from this starting point, but these have the

shortest portages (carrying the canoe through the forest to the next


I promise very little fishing or need of it for existence. I only

need a few people, but you know what they say about the more there are

of us to carry the broken husks of those who aren't cut out for it, the better.

Depart Spring Grove July the 19th between 5pm and midnight

...: dip in on the 20th afternoon

...: emerge dirty and scaley

Those who wish to meet us in Minneapolis may.

Respond if you want to be in on this ASAP, so I can make the reservation.

The cost will be $200 a person maximum. This does not include gas, but does

include one night in a hotel, and any equipment you are not willing to provide. I'll

send you pack list soon, and a list of what I'm providing in about a month.

We have 9 people right now. We will plan on 3 canoes. Two of our group can't really

confirm until April. The cost per person for the permit is about $13 for the trip.

But we need canoes, tents, packs. If we have or can borrow this stuff, we will, and

shrink our prices down. But plan on $200 to cover everything.

The proposal now is leaving late on July 19th for a northern hotel

(after cast party if summer musical has a rainout, as producer, must

consider such things) and putting paddle in on July 20th before noon.

We'd pick up the Minneapolis people and those north of Minneapolis

would meet us.

This means we take 6 to 9 days of vacation starting July 20th. This

can be an 13 day trip, with up to 11 days in the BWCA or shorter, say

a 7 day paddle without using weekends to their greatest advantage.

So, the consensus is to be determined by you. We need a 6 days

paddling at least, which means 8 days of being on the road. The

earliest any of us could be back to work is the 28th of July in this

scenario. Otherwise, for only 8 days off of work, we could have up to

11 days paddling.

Let's take a shorter trip. We can make it around my planned route in

less days, carry less food, etc, if we plan a shorter trip. Sound


I know that using up our vacations is a little painful, so if we can

get a good trip in without wasting valuable vacation days, we might

have more reason to go.

The trip:

same on the front end, in the water on July 20th, shortly after 1pm

6 days of heaven, then...

out of the water July 26. We can be back in Spring Grove, or

where ever by sometime on July 27th, depending on how big of a rush we

are in. We will be driving through Minneapolis on the way back. We

have the option of crashing there for the night.

The trip is booked. We'll leave from Spring Grove on the night of the

19th of July, and return to civilization on the 26th. Don't count on

getting back to work bright and early on the 27th, but it may just be

possible if you are a glutton for punishment. We will use three

watercraft with a maximum of 9 people. See you then. Start planning

what to bring. I'll send packing lists. Please send me a letter

sometime to tell me what you've got to contribute.


Cast party at Mary Deters house for Kiss Me Kate. I went shopping at Goodwill and found a present for all of the cast members.


Lynn arrived after we cleaned our house all day long. We drank a huge bottle of Sangria and enjoyed our first night at the new rock wall fire pit.