Letter Writing Blues

I've been writing blues this evening

held my pencil as it cried.

Yes, I'm scrawlin' blue and grieving

while the guitar whined I sighed

cause when I read your letters

the blues can't keep me satisfied.

Teardrops keep me sinking

like a baby in a crib.

Tears will keep me drinking

like this baby needs a bib.

I can try to drown my sorrows

before they soak my bed.

If you were a cheatin' lover

I'd have anger keep me warm.

If you were a double-dealer

I'd let anger turn to storm.

Though you may let me simmer

it's these miles that do the harm.

My lips can take a beating

they've been long without a kiss.

My lips could use the breathing

they long to feel your kiss.

But my heart can't hold out woman

no more lonesome nights of this.