124.August 30

Pymatuning State Park, Pennsylvania

In the morning, at 10:00, I woke and took down the tent. Then I took a shower and took off for the highway, where I stopped only for gasoline and lunch at Shorties. I am having a great time, esp. knowing I have the time to stop when I want. I drove through Pennsylvania to Cayuna State Park, NY. Perhaps tomorrow I'll go to 8 wineries for taste testing.

I'm at Cayuga State Park. I arrived here at 19:30 and set up my tent in the near dark. The I took a trip to the store nearby to buy food, a few supplies (like charcoal and spaghetti sauce." I think I want to camp once more before Boston, we'll see how the wine tours go tomorrow.


Erfurt Airport, DE 09:20

Lars called a taxi to pick me up this morning to go to the airport far from town, since he was in Ettlingen still, and I was in Frankfurt at his flat. I just made sure I was ready down at the door before 08:00. The taxi cost me 23 euro, so I gave him 25 euro after the 20 minute ride where he took me to my terminal, and had looked up to see what one held Northwest Airlines. I've done quite a few security screens, took bio-metric tests, and now here I am, ready to fly to Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis. It will be a long day.

At the Duty Free Deli, I've purchased some water and Acevita, which is Orange/Karotte/Zitrone.


We had our first nights of auditions for "Blithe Spirit" tonight, so I read it on the way to work, at lunch, and on the way home. We were the only ones to show up until Sara did at 20:40, but we told her to come tomorrow with other people. She came back to our place to see the new lawn furniture.