081.October 12

Nottingham, UK

Our professor David left for Iowa tonight. He was informed of his mother's death five minutes before he left for the airport. For me, it was a regular week of classes, except that I tried out for the Rocky Horror Show. I was asked to pick a song to sing for a reviewing board of four women. I chose "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procul Harum. Karl Jeffreys played the piano lovingly. Then I was asked to sing from the Rocky Horror Show, "Sword of Damocles," which I didn't know. Sarah Nichols taught it to me quickly. When I finished, Kate said that she would like to have me take my shirt off. She made me flex for her. After a few necessary ohh's and ahh's, and invitations to their flats to make me feel a little less violated, they said I was done. I also tried out for Playboy of the Western World that week. Rachel Bill, the director, asked me to read a scene with a woman. It didn't go well.


Rachel, Jacob, and I met Lee at the Redwood for breakfast. We helped Lee move his junk from one storage unit to another, and ended up taking a roll-top desk home. Frida was sick, and stayed in her room all day, if not all weekend.