349.January 17

I wrote a note to (1st girlfriend) about staying uptown with her. She waved at me a yes at Social Studies and wrote me a note. She waved at me from her truck and everyone saw her and waved back except me. She got sort of mad about that. I stayed uptown all day and went to all the basketball games and sat next to her. The I walked with her up to Rachel's birthday party at the Bake Shop and sat with her again. Everyone seems to know we like each other. I walked (1st girlfriend) home in the 0 degree weather. We stopped halfway down the street, said our goodbyes for the night. We hugged and kissed each other and I walked back up the street, already starting to miss her. Eric and John picked me up halfway back to Quik Stop and then picked up Nikki there.

When we got home, we watched slides of Florida that Chris and Rhonda brought home. As you can tell, Mom finally came back. I have decided to save all the notes I get from (1st girlfriend) and writer her more. I don't know don't know if I can get through the week without her.


Nazareth, Israel

After breakfast, I went to Bank Luemea and changed all my cash in dollars into Israeli (700). (2.72). At 09:00, the bus left for Nazareth. We went to three church services in Nazareth. 1. Maronite in Arabic. 2. Melkite. 3. Roman Catholic. Walking in the shopping district, winding through tunnels of closed shops because it was Sunday. It was so deserted, and we walked along the drainage trough running down the middle of the street. At noon, we left for Sepphoris to look at mosaics of Dionysius, etc. and a Roman theatre.At 13:00, we left for Tiberias.


Nottingham, UK

I took a Rhetoric test this morning, and then was supposed to have a meeting with Professor Cockcroft. After the test, I was in no mood. I stood outside his room, checked my pigeonhole there and he never directly asked me to come in. I saw him walk out and give me an upset look, and then I left. I had a meeting at 18:00 at John's house to talk over Lysistrata. Tomorrow, I will present my case for directing that play. Tonight I meet with co-conspirators to tie up loose ends.


Rachel and I made brunch at noon, and we both agreed that it was the best of our year, so far. Here's how you do it. 4 slices of bacon, cook on both sides until slightly brown. Drain most of the bacon grease. Half an onion, chopped, is then added to the pan, mix it up with the bacon until they are transparent. Remove these from the fry-pan, and add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. Add some smashed up cooked potatoes. Fry and flip once, slightly browned, shove to the side of the fry-pan. Crack 4 eggs into a dish, add 1 tablespoon olive oil to pan, add the eggs. The eggs should bubble on this heat, pop the bubbles and fold back the edges from the oil. Cover the eggs with the onions and bacon and cover the pan with a lid. Turn down heat a bit. After 10 minutes on low, the yolks are no longer runny, I placed the eggs on top of the smashed potatoes, added freshly shredded gouda on top, and allow to melt under the cover. We also heated up yesterdays leftover eggnog waffles on this pan, and served it with a fruit and yogurt parfait. We drank English breakfast tea from Harrods from a trip I took to England a few years ago. Perfect.

We don't have any plans for today, but are watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and going to the Fitness Center when our heads feel better from last night's poker game. We came out ahead by $2.50, which rarely happens. It was one of our longest poker evenings in quite a while. We started this morning by finishing "Peter's Friends" at 01:00.


First cast read through of "Harvey" at YOOH with everyone in attendance. Angela's birthday was today, and she brought a basket of cupcakes with marshmallow rabbit ears and the best frosting I can imagine. I didn't remember the end of the show, and I'm quite impressed now that I've heard what is going to happen. We have a fabulous cast of friends from throughout my life. I'm very excited to be a part of it. Rachel is playing the "beautiful and dumb" nurse who works with me. Bonus.