090.October 3

Sunny in Vernon Field, Nottingham, UK

I woke up late, ate a large breakfast and sat around in the house reading Moll Flanders until after noon. Then Eve, Jen, and Drew Curtis were going running. I said I wanted to go. Then I decided against it, but they had decided to bring a football along to play somewhere. We gathered a large group and headed for Vernon Park to our NE. We played about three hours, until 17:00. We gathered about twenty young and very young volunteers for a good game. I played goalie much of the time, but I also made two goals. We walked back at 17:00 and I showered. We ate macaroni and Becca and I walked to the Running Horse in the rain after I read more. It was Blues Night, very loud, so we decided to leave. I wanted to hear Irish ballads, so the blues wouldn't satisfy me. I did laundry and drank whiskey with Lisa. We watched a bunch of videos on TV of a group called Happy Mondays. Then I went to bed.


Decorah, IA

Rachel and I met Sarah and Mark for breakfast at Ivy Grove Cafe in Spring Grove. Then Mark got his truck and came over to pull the Airstream to a location on my farm, deep in the woods. We hitched it up, and then Sarah and I got in the 57 Chevy and followed Rachel and Mark pulling the Airstream in his Ram truck. We took a test run out through the fields with the 57 Chevy first, and found the best paths to pull the Airstream. After quite an exciting journey, with Rachel's dog following behind with someone walking to make sure the bumper didn't get pulled off, we got it to the spot near the trees where we were later going to have a photo shoot with Kathrine Myrah. Then Rachel and I took a ride down to Riceford to see if there were any colorful trees down there. We found some in Spring Grove, and went back to the house to pack changes of clothes and props for the photo shoot. When Kathrine came, we started with some photos in our alley, mostly near rusty buildings and maintenance equipment. Then we headed off for the red trees with the 57 Chevy, and finally out to the Airstream. She photographed us for 4 hours until the light faded with us up in a tree limb hanging out ten feet over the meadow. We drank our wedding Symphony white wine, and then drove back through the fields in the dark, sometimes cows popping up in front of the lights.

Rachel and I went to Decorah to meet up with Drew Curtis, my flat-mate and room-mate from Nottingham. We drank at T-bocks for a few hours and then dropped him off at Luther before heading up to my brother's house for the night.


I got a haircut this afternoon, and said I needed a mullet. Amber said she wouldn't do it. So I just got a small trim so no one would notice, but I wouldn't look so scruffy. When I arrived home, it was raining still, and I didn't have to think about the garage sale going on in our barn, because it was closed down due to rain. I made chili, a huge pot, utilizing our celery, a huge can of tomatoes and 4 pounds of ground beef. It turned out amazing, and spicy, as I added jalepenos and many wonderful spices. I had some before I left for rehearsal. When I arrived home I had more chili, and then cleaned the house for our weekend guests.