044.November 18

Islington Green, UK

Monday morning, I'm at Kate's. It took nearly all of yesterday to arrive here, but I did, as I always do have a lovely time whenever I'm around Malcolm and Kate. Malcolm has come from a luncheon birhday party, and was in a smashingly good mood. Kate had a friend along from when she worked on "Wish You Were Here", a travel series that is on one of those cable stations. That is where Kate got her first break. She just go a really good break, as well, as far as business goes. She is starting an ITV series about people choosing between different mansions in beautiful spots around the globe. Upcoming one Florida and Spain, however she will be filming on Saturday in London.

I spoke with Malcolm most of the evening out, bought him a pint at The Bull immediately, and he updated me a bit on work. Seems to be in a similar state as even before when I've seen him. Except his grandma died recently, just before her 80th birthday, so the family celebrated it anyway, getting extremely, nah, immortally pissed and falling about all bloody and embarrassing like I guess his mum was quite embarrassed by his actions, or at least his conversations with her sister, about why she should take up skiing and or snowboarding. But mostly Malc and I discussed politics from beginning to end. The possibility of war is of course top on peoples minds. I felt like I staved the questions, painting myself as quite a democrat.

They obviously have no respect for GW Bush, and even asked if Clinton could run again for presidency. We all seemed to be grown-ups, but we all looked extraordinarily cute in our fancy clothes , sipping our drinks. When Kate went to describe her new job, the other two got up and left for the bar, explaining that they had heard the story too many times. It is nice to catch Kate when she is feeling on top of the world. Tomorrow or sometime soon, she will describe to me the career move that was her hair.

We will spend time this week shopping for trendy clothing. She might join me on a trip to Bristol and the immediate area if it works with her filming schedule.

After 3 pints of Young's Special bitter, the tap had run dry so for lasts Malcolm brought me a Guinness, which was one of the best pours of Guinness I've ever had. It was extremely lovely rich creamy head, heavy viscosity I described a bit of my train travels, my night singing Karaoke in Stirling, the one conversation I had in Whisky Bunkies, In Stirling and I managed, despite many hours of travel, to feel witty and in a rather rare form. There is something so wonderful about being around good friends and their friends.

I was asked to describe my life living in an Airstream trailer. I am now "White Trash"which is a popular term it seems over here to call the caravan set. I told them I planned to live like that for an entire year.

They were all very encouraging, and I'm a bit of a cowboy, it seems.

I'm listening to Kate stirring in the next room, getting ready for her interview meeting, where she will find out her travel schedule perhaps a few months in advance. This seems like an excellent job. I resigned the keys to the flat for today. I will have to wander until 7pm, when Kate will call me and tell me where and when to meet for diner. What shall I wear?

This flat is brilliant. Loveliest bath, rooms, glass-work, tele, blinds, whatever you could imagine. Piece by piece, his dining and living room is elegent, and not at all empty, though he has very few things.

I'm currently in "The York Pub" in Islington, between Kate's 3rd floor flat and the Angel tube station. This is a really great area, lots of shops and a beautiful green space, Islington Green, just outside of her flat.

I'm drinking an Adam's Bitter, it is quite lovely in the truly lukewarm way. No shock to the system, just pure pleasure. I've ordered something similar to a ploughman's lunch, I hope to be satisfied in my nostalgia for history.

My new shoes, with black slippery square toes, are very comfortable.

Of course, football is on the tele. Right after I ordered, two women came in looking for a job. My food is here, and the warmth of it is reaching out to me. I've spiked my hair up today, am wearing all black except for my yellow stripe tie with ominous faces of a woman. I wish there were one or two places like this in the USA. Maybe it is good that there is not, too tempting. I'm meeting Kate for dinner, although presently it's noon. Today will be simple, I'll do a bit of gallery looking. I'm sure there are sites I've missed out on over the years. I'll probably go back to the same ones. I am looking forward to shopping with Kate. Updating my wardrobe per her advise would make me quite content.

My food was great, taking a long time to consume. I love chutney. I'll have t bring some home for christmas. Kate brought me tea at the top of the last page. then I went back to sleep until 11:00 and here I am now. I did shower, and did the washing up of the dishes for fun. The queen does put her seal of approval on every bottle of dish soap, so I had that to keep in mind.

After I finished up at the York, I saw a guitar shop nearby, specializing in steal topped resonator guitars. I bought a cd tribute album to Townes Van Zandt. It is lovely.

I headed off to Covent Garden , where I dismounted the Tube and walked to the National Gallery for a look about. I was wearing my new black boots and a tie with yellow stripes and faces. I felt pretty snazzy. The Gallery was more gorgeous than ever, but I didn't spend more than an hour there. I walked to Buckingham Palace, cutting through St. James Park, where I took sunset pictures across the pond there. Mostly there were Spanish speaking tourists, but I directed some Japanese people to Churchhills hole in the ground. Hopefully they had good intentions.

Someone, a girl, had fallen on her knee all bloody and broken skin, just before on the sidewalk, and all her friends were helping to console her. A bobby even came to see if all was ok.

Buckingham Palace was more beautiful to me than at my last and only stop there. I slowly made my way back to Parliament Square, walking along the South Bank, now quite dark in the sky. It was impressive, the view I had.

From there I walked all the way to Blackfriar's Pub for a drink, a Greene King Bitter, sat in the beautiful carved oak seats, then checked my mail at the St. Paul's hostel. I called Kate just before I got on the Tube at St. Paul's and met her back in Islington for a 20:30 dinner with a friend of hers, who was in town from Leeds filming a children's puppet show called "The Ark". We had a lovely appetizer filled meal at a Turkish restaurant,. I ate all except the King Prawns. Brits don't go for extra tentacles.

We spoke a while at Kate's flat, possibly over tea. I took photos of the two of them, taking about 5 before I was happy. Anna, I think was her name. Then she was gone and we were comfortably to bed for the night.