104.September 19

Nottingham, UK

It's sunny and beautiful again. I got some good sleep last night, and got ready for church at 11:00. I wore tan pants, my new pink and gray shimmering shirt with my blue fruit and vegetable tie, and my brown Red Wing boots. I sat next to Jen. We had a lovely welcome to the church, but the singing was bad. I learned that the Pilgrim fathers were from Nottinghamshire, near Scruby in the North. I will check for William Bradford's parents there. That is where they said most of the Puritans came from. I think the pastor's name was Roy. Jen and I didn't take communion. She is catholic and I'm confused.

After the service, I met Mrs. Pickford, who got me black coffee. I met her daughter Elaine and Elaine's boyfriend Tom. We talked in the church basement about student stuff. I got to use my Norsk a little on Roy. "Snakke du Norsk". "Ja, jeg snakke lite Norsk".

We drove to Leicester, or near there, to the Pickford's home. Elaine and Tom talked and did stuff with me all afternoon. We walked to the store. We had dinner, which consisted of a chicken and rice dish, and bread and some other goodies. The family had a big conversation about the scourge of vegetarianism that will one day destroy this planet. Tom was a vegetarian.

We listened to "The Levelers," a folk/rock band that they had suggested to me. I liked them very much. They play around England. Tom is eighteen, and Elaine is seventeen. Tom is a drummer, and he needs a good singer for his band. He plays Led Zeppelin, Cream, etc. I could do it well. Tom and Elaine listened to the Muppets' record. I got to listen to Tom's band tape. Great background, he is a good drummer too, but the singer sucked bad.

Sylvia, with her very red hair, came home from a bike trek. We watched a funny satire after she had taken a shower. We all talked and had a great time. Then we ate again. Tom had gone home, and Elaine had to do homework, so they drove me home.

I had fun telling the people at the flat about my day. Everyone had a good time with their host families, especially me. That night we played Shadow Run and finished up the lemming bash. Then we went out for drinks.


I'm finally moving my trailer to Madison this weekend. Finally close to finished, but it looks great inside, that's all I care about. I'll have to wait until next summer to polish the outside, but that way I don't get as many bugs stuck to it on my trip to the Southwest. I plan to take a trip to Europe first, in November. Chicago and Madison and Iowa City and Minneapolis have been my haunts, mostly for weddings and other events with friends. But I've about had enough of it, at least travelling without bringing my shell along with me. Since my show this summer, I've worked very little. I've been at my families farm, working on the trailer, my truck, and the farm. I've had a great time doing it. But now I'm going back to work as of Sunday for a very long stretch until late October, accruing wealth.


We drove in early to our work together after I made a very lovely egg broil with tomato, cheese and onion. I dropped Rachel Roxx off at the radio station for her heavy metal morning gig. I had lunch at the BBQ place, very quickly, and then stuck around work late. Then a quick chilly bowl with grilled cheese and a beer sitting next to Newman at the T-Bocks bar. Luren was at 6pm, and then I met Rachel back at T-Bocks before heading home. Jen stopped by to run through some of her monologues for "Laramie Project" because she had ask for some criticism. It was very fun giving her feedback and seeing her perform with those elements in mind. It made me want to direct again, maybe just with one or two people who are as good as she is. Rachel made a huge cheese, meat, nut and cracker board and we had some fancy beers until our work was done. What a fun night.