023.December 9

It was Roar's birthday, and I met Jill, Roar, and Rachel at the Skyline Supper club where they were having a Sons of Norway meeting. We went to John's house after for cake and to play with Ole and Elyse.


Lunch today at La Rana was exciting most due to the possibility of Tanya going into labor any minute.


Decorah, IA

The snowball fight and snowman under the fireworks: After work, I met two friends under an igloo at Pulpit Rock, waited for others, went inside to the wobbly couches, more came, and we all got in our trucks and drove to the High School, for it was fireworks night. There were so few people on the track field that we thought it must be a mistake. It was a pristine snow covered field, as school had been cancelled, resulting in very few people wanting to sit and watch fireworks on the benches. After we failed to enjoy sitting on the wet aluminum bleachers, we popped out in the field where a snowman was quickly constructed and decorated as a flying troll. Then snowballs started flying at each other discretely as the sky started shaking with falling starts in red and green. The shuddering booms and bright sparks lit the beautiful snow field. We all frollicked and enjoyed the few around us and the glory. A few children there copied our snow monster. The vast majority of people were in their trucks facing the spectacle, but we were hidden and felt as if we were in our own fields, watching fireworks together. Afterwards, we met each other at Convergence Cider, where we all tried a drink, finished it quickly, and met our dinner reservation at La Rana, which has become a winter tradition for some of us. Hopefully it will remain one for all of us. Dinner done, some of us made it to a friends barn for a smattering of other drinks before bed.