027.December 5

Nottingham, UK

CJ and I have just come to campus early on the bus for a 10:00 rehearsal of Rocky Horror Show. It will last all day, and we will paint the set.


Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 02:32:59 -0600

Subject: gone but not forgotten, those nasty ozone toxins, now returned

Perhaps a great many of you didn't know that I was gone. Well I'm back. I

spent the last three weeks visiting friends on the sea and over it. I was

given great hospitality, and now you can again reach me when the need

becomes dire.

As usual, I was looking at castles, plays, and the bottom of a pint. I

thought of you all nearly every moment as it quickly passed. I'd send a

favorite photo, but I won't be near my computer to down or upload them for

a few days. You can reach me in Minneapolis or St. Paul until perhaps the

weekend on my cell phone. I look forward to hearing all your winter plans.

Happy Holidays.

Thanks for always being there when I needed you, I realized over this trip

how much I value good friends. I sent no postcards, for which I apologize.

But I brought a good deal of chocolate back, for the first ones who

contact me to claim their fair share.

I hope I can pass on greetings from all those I saw, like Sam, Josh,

Peter, Hillary, Scott, Erin and Charlie in NYC, Malcolm, Kate, and Kehry

in London, Brigid in Glasgow, and Clare in Cambridge. Sounds like the cast

of a childrens' book.


I received my new black leather chaps in the mail and a motorcycle rain suit. We spent another night cleaning. I picked up everything that had been left outside during the first ice/snow storm and tried to find a better place for it. I collapsed about 100 cardboard boxes in the garage to make room for another car. I got to bed very tired at 23:00.