189.June 26

Braunschweig, Germany

I woke by myself, with my alarm, but took no shower, even though I smelled bad. Zibylla made me a breakfast of two eggs and toast. Katja picked me up and drove to the station to say good-bye. I listened to music most of the train-ride, and arrived in Munster at noon. It was John's Birthday party tonight.

I biked to John's house, successfully remembering the way. John was there, but leaving, so I stayed around and took a shower. I was watching MTV when John got back. He got me the dart-board, and I played for hours.

Craig came at 18:30. Steffi, Sandra, Mikhail, Martina and Sarma came. I got out my whisky, which Craig downed quickly along with my Bailey's. They all liked Talisker. When Mikhail came, we played guitar. I was first, then him. He was excellent. We all listened. The conversation died with the guitar though. I played well later on in the evening. Mikhail and everyone said I had a beautiful voice, which made me feel better about my poor guitar playing. He said he would ask me to play with him and sing if I was in Munster. He used to do show with Billy Bragg music before. He did a killer version of "House of the Rising Sun." I was so tired when we finally got to bed. I slept ultra well my last night on the floor.


I went to the barn after breakfast with Patty and Rachel. John and the kids woke rather later, and they had a meeting in 15 minutes at the Ballard house. I took Elyse down to the barn and we built the set and listened to "Prince Caspian" until Alex came, and Elyse left with her mom. Rachel and Sara came to paint a drop. Alex helped me get my platforms up in the air and rolling. We left about 17:00 for home, where I filled up water balloons for Elyse to throw at her father. I made steaks, on the grill, and we had a nice time with all of our family and John's closest friends. We had a thunderstorm tonight. Andrew stayed over too, and we played PS3 games until midnight when the storm hit strongest.