028.December 4

Nottingham, UK

We went to a pantomime of Aladdin at the Nottingham Playhouse. It is a huge comic routine that they do every Christmas with a lot of singing and dancing. It was really fun. They were doing an amazing amount of ad-libbing that was annoying some of the actors, and making them forget their lines, but they were quite professional about everything.


Hello All, once again. Perhaps a great many of you didn't know that I was gone. Well I'm back. I spent the last three weeks visiting friends on the sea and over it. I was given great hospitality, and now you can again reach me when the need becomes dire. As usual, I was looking at castles, plays, and the bottom of a pint. I thought of you all nearly every moment as it quickly passed. I'd send a favorite photo, but I won't be near my computer to down or upload them for a few days. You can reach me in Minneapolis or St. Paul until perhaps the weekend on my cell phone. I look forward to hearing all your winter plans. Happy Holidays. Thanks for always being there when I needed you, I realized over this trip how much I value good friends. I sent no postcards, for which I apologize. But I brought a good deal of chocolate back, for the first ones who contact me to claim their fair share. I hope I can pass on greetings from all those I saw, like Sam, Josh, Peter, Hillary, Scott, Erin and Charlie in NYC, Malcolm, Kate, and Kehry in London, Brigid in Glasgow, and Clare in Cambridge. Sounds like the cast of a childrens' book.


We spent the night cleaning the house, mostly upstairs, getting our guest room nearly ready for anyone who may come to visit us. No matter how much we do, there is always so much more to arrange and store. We watched Harry Potter 3rd Year before bed.


Today was Monday, so Rachel was back to Luther for her final day of teaching lessons this year. We shared lunch at Old Armory BBQ. After work, I used my new silicon pint to get a free glass of an IPA called "Gravy Boat" at Pulpit Rock Brewery. Chris, Andrew and Rhonda where there when I arrived, and  then I went straight to choir at the High School. Rach joined me at Luren practice tonight, as she is the soloist for our Christmas concernt this coming Sunday. This morning our furnace went out again, or rather the blower starting making a lot of noise last night and then stopped working. We just noticed how cold it was when we got home, but we'd been over at the old house just beforehand, and since it was cold and empty, we didn't notice right away when we got to our house. We are preparing the old house for new renters soon. Our plumber is coming tomorrow, luckily, but was scheduled already to come on Wednesday to inspect everything and do some other repairs. Hopefully the new furnace is actually under warranty, as it was installed last winter.

We will have to snuggle in tight tonight, though we do have heat upstairs in our house, just not down here. Our cat, Mauser, is snuggling close, and running around madly to keep his body heat up.