220.May 26

Nottingham, UK

We had a Paideia exam today. Then a drink at noon at the Whitmoor with Dilip, our postmaster, who wanted to take us out for a pint because we had given him a lot of business. Then some of us left to catch a bus to the Bertulises', CJ's host parents. We had tea there, and a little alcohol before the tea. I went to "Noises Off" at the New Theatre at 19:30. Many of my friends are in it. It was very well done, and funny.


Before rehearsal, I drilled out the trapped leg of our swimming pool so we could keep it from bending as we added more water. It worked! We began filling the pool up to the top. Rachel rehearsed Petruchio's solos with Mark, and then I went over. Lindsay and Abe arrived and we spent most of the rest of the night working on the Shakespeare scenes.

Rachel and I made some more adjustments on the legs of the pool, then got a few glasses of wine from a bottle Sarah and Mark gave us for our 1 year anniversary of our engagement party and enjoyed it watching the full moon be traced by bats on the front porch.


Jefferson City, Missouri

We spent the morning preparing for church, then Rachel played and sang at the service in Jefferson City. We went to brunch with the family at a Perkins, and then went back to pick up pictures, flowers, and food for the Celebration of Life for Rachel's Grandmother Joyce and the same church. We played the Norwegian Celtic song, both of us singing for the event, and I was on guitar. It was a lovely time, though Lynn couldn't be there because Emily, her daughter in law, was in the hospital with an appendicitis. She was home by the evening, but Lynn and Dennis spent the day with their youngest son Reed and the newborn baby girl Quin. We went to Rocheport again that evening, just missing the storms that passed through and drove people of the roads. We had no problems at all, I was driving with Lynn, and Rachel rode with Lorne, her uncle. I heard college stories and had a wonderful time discussing Lynn's life. When we arrived, the power was out after the storm, so we survived on candlelight and spent much of the night outside in the dark singing. Then inside for more singing and the power came back on. We stayed up until tomorrow at 02:00, with some other family members a little sore at us.