031.December 1

Booklyn, NY

We went to Angelike Cinema in NY for "Frida" at 16:15. The theatre was unlike any movie palace I've ever been in, and very exciting.

Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 15:03:38 -0600

Now I am in New York, post turkey day. We had a very successful bird, 17 pounds, and cooking it was quite a journey. I got to carve it up.


Rachel and I were invited to dinner and John's house, Jill and Roar brought a roast to share with all. We were induced to stay while the rest of them went to a GOTE meeting. Rachel encouraged me to do any DIY projects I could accomplish after I danced with the kids to Christmas music. Ole had a great time, and gave me a great big kiss when I left. At home, we cleaned the house to prepare for the piano tuner, and for a Christmas tree.


Rachel convinced to play tenor saxaphone with her in church this morning a the Call to Worship. I stayed and listened to her play organ. She is really turning into a wonderful organist, and I have heard that her confidence is growing every Sunday. We skipped 2nd service so that we could go to the Festival of Tree breakfast with Lee. Rachel's students were playing Christmas songs to entertain the diners, and Rachel finished with an hour set of music that ended at 13:00.