328.February 7

Nottingham, UK

We held auditions for two more females at 11:00 and then cast the play together in the PB upstairs coffee room. Today was Drew's birthday. After my meeting, I went to the Wheatsheaf with the house and drank a woodpecker, and was asked if I'd like to sing a song. I sang "Jambalaya on the Bayou" by Hank Williams, SR. I have wanted to sing that for a long time, ever since our house trip to Bath. The bar owner asked us Americans why we weren't singing, and I said I wanted to sing, so he told the dj that I was going on next. Kariokee is quite popular in pubs here. They have it in quite a few of the pubs one or two nights a week.


We went to Iowa City today for my nephew's baptism. He was a complete doll, and everyone loved him. Before that, my parents, Rachel and I ate breakfast at the Bluebird Cafe, which I highly suggest for atmosphere and food. I spent over 6 hours driving today, and half of it in a slight snowstorm, and when we got home, we worked out at the gym for over an hour, watching the end of the super-bowl. I was again successful with not knowing the teams that were playing, until the game was nearly over.