242.May 4

Madison, WI

Good morning. The sun is burning in through the window, and I must get up for the second time. I went to a birthday party/rave last night for two people at work, and was up until four. I haven't danced to techno music in a while, and it was quite fun, with amazing moving lights and fog machines and great dj's spinning. It was nice to do something like that after a long week of working at 7am. Theatre people are night people. I'm happy to make the transition back into the night. But this morning, I woke that early anyway to get my car from the party. I walked home, because for some reason it's illegal to drink and drive. I went to breakfast, by myself, but to a friendly restaurant, and then came home to sleep a few more hours.


At noon, my father and I went to Harmony to see Olga, Elaine, and Diane. When she heard my name, she said "David" back very clearly and loudly, as if recalling me clearly. I think this is the most special memory she could have given me, coupled with our conversation many months back where I told her about my upcoming wedding to Rachel. I had hoped at the time that she could make it to my wedding, but that was foolish. She was a child again in her mind, except for, or perhaps because of the pain she is experiencing. She calls for her older sister and her mother, as if seeing them just beyond her horizon. I hope to live that long, if only to see what she has seen.

I rode home from work with Llew and Katie, who was staying at my parents house while Chris and Rhonda were in Harmony with Olga. We ate pizza, and talked with Sharon in the dining room for a few hours before I left. Katie practiced her speech she will recite tomorrow for a Memorial day program honoring Veterans and others we are thankful for.