041.November 21

London, UK

I'm still at Kate's flat, and it is Thursday. The last time I wrote was two days ago, as I ran out of ink and a bit out of desire. I have things to do, so much of it might be put off until tonight, with my new pen from the local shop.

I woke to more coffee provided by my hostess. I made Kate an omelet with spring onions and toast, delicious. Malcolm came after we checked emails, went shopping for her travels and hair putty for me. Kate has just gone down to help Malcolm park his fancy little spyder sports car, and I just spiked my hair with the new putty Kate helped me pick out from Boots. I'm listening to Bjork and sitting in one of Kate's overstuffed couches. We had some lunch at the Slug and Lettuce. It was a chain restaurant, and their beer was not hand pumped. The Bombadier was off, so I got a ginger ale, then a cider, and a salmon wrap with chips.

We re-parked Malcolm's car, collected Kate, and went to 007 "Die Another Day", the newest James Bond film. It was bloody, sexy and brilliant. Lots of fun and quite long. Then for tea at Kate's and back to Malcolm's via the convertible RX7 with the top down. We watched "Contact". Malcolm made chicken pot pie and gravy with broccoli. We drank cider, and it was all wonderful. I watched "Question Time", and some news about fireman strikes and upcoming war preparations.


Rachel sang in choir at church this morning while I worked on Opera House banking accounts. When she arrived home, we spent the rest of the day watching movies and tv on netflix. We had rehearsal for next weeks performance at the opera house in the evening.